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The Lost Matriarch takes on the curiously sparse biblical treatment of the Matriarch Leah, a character who paradoxically plays one of the central roles in the Book of Genesis and in the history of the Jewish people. With the help of Midrash (classical commentary) and the application of traditional midrashic techniques to analyze biblical text, you’ll enter into the delightful world of rabbinic and literary commentary that expands—perhaps it’s fairer to say “creates”—the story of Leah. The Lost Matriach is not a book of theology or dogma. It’s a book of literary analysis that will deepen your delight in reading the Bible as an adult. While it reveals Leah’s fascinating story, this book will also effortlessly empower your entire approach to reading the Bible by introducing you to the content and methodology of classical and contemporary midrashic commentary.

The Jewish Publication Society/Univ. of Nebraska Press released THE LOST MATRIARCH on September 1, 2014. You can read more about the book in the JPS catalog, or download excerpts from the Preface and Introduction (pdf file).

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Finding Leah in the Bible and Midrash
What you’ll find
in this book:



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