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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

The only personally identifiable information collected by this website is the contact information for visitors who contact me or this website, or for purchasers of any of my books. The information collected may include your name, address, telephone number, email address, and where your books were bought. This information is never shared with, sold, traded, or given to third parties, and is used only to send you occasional notices regarding my previous or new books, or related educational information or book developments.

Your personal information in my records can be examined, changed, or withdrawn at any time by request in an email to:
Jerry Rabow@JerryRabow.com
or by mail, fax, or telephone c/o the publishers of any of my books.

If you send personal information to me or this website in connection with your comments or questions, that information may be retained in the website internal records, but will only be used for purposes of answering your requests, and will not be sold, traded, or given to third parties. Any questions or comments submitted for publication on this website may be edited for purposes of clarity or space considerations.  This website has no responsibility or control regarding the privacy policies of any other websites accessed through any links in this website.

If this statement of Privacy Policy statement is amended, the updated versions will be dated and posted on this website.

Effective: March 31, 2011
                                                  Jerry Rabow