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The untold life stories of 50 Jewish Messiahs since Jesus and how they changed the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim worlds


A Peek Into the Book:
I’m pleased to report that 50 Jewish Messiahs, published by Gefen Publishing House, Jerusalem, has gone into its second printing.  In addition, the book is now available in Kindle format at Amazon.com.  The book continues to be very enthusiastically received by general readers, as well as having become a part of many community, academic, and Jewish library collections.
If you haven’t yet had a chance to read 50 Jewish Messiahs, I hope you’ll pick up a copy direct from the publisher at www.IsraelBooks.com or in paper or Kindle editions at www.Amazon.com. I think you’ll enjoy it.
I’ve given many book talks on Jewish Messiahs since the book came out, including a 4-part class. If your group is located in the Southern California area and you might be interested in a single or multi-part talk on 50 Jewish Messiahs, or for any other questions about the book, please email me at: JerryRabow@JerryRabow.com
Some of My Favorite Jewish Messiahs:

The Messiah who killed the Pope


The Messiah who was saved from the Inquisition when the Pope hid him in the Vatican


The Messiah who demanded that his head be cut off in order to prove his immortality


The Messiah who defied the Holy Roman Emperor


The Second Moses, who promised to part the waters of the Mediterranean for the Second Exodus, and his unfortunate followers


The Rabbi who made Cromwell change the law of England to receive the Jewish Messiah


The Messiah who returned to live with his wife two years after he had been beheaded


The female Messiah who became “The Holy Lady” of the Jewish Trinity


The 17th century Messiah whose followers continued their secret society – and ritual orgies – into the 20th century


The Messiah-General of the Jewish army of the Ten Lost Tribes


The Messiahs who lost their heads and the Messiahs who died in their beds, and one who did both

Jews and non-Jews share a crucial theme—the Messiah.  But most readers will be surprised to learn that there have been over fifty Jewish Messiahs since Jesus.  Many of these Messiahs had substantial followings and played an important role in the general society of their time.  Some founded movements that continued, openly or secretly, for several centuries.  50 Jewish Messiahs tells the fascinating stories of these Messiahs, their followers, and their interaction with the Christian, Muslim, and secular worlds in which they lived.

The Jewish Messiah story is not merely the collected biographies of the pious, holy, insane, or fraudulent men and women who were followed as the Jewish Messiah of their day.  The story is even more than the alternately comical, tragic, and often deeply moving history of two thousand years of Jewish followers who have repeatedly hoped against reason and believed against experience.  The Jewish Messiah story is also about the popes, emperors, kings, sultans, bishops, and ordinary Christians and Muslims who were caught up in the often-universal turmoil caused by these Jewish Messiahs.

Now you can read the fantastic stories of 50 Jewish men and women who have appeared over the past two millennia and were accepted by much of the world as the Messiah.