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My most recently published book, THE LOST MATRIARCH: Finding Leah in the Bible and Midrash, continues to find new friends and readers. I’m still enjoying opportunities to give book talks and teach classes (recently on Zoom sessions) about The Lost Matriarch for universities, synagogues, and private study groups.


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 ◊  Under the “Other Works” tab in the top menu bar, I’ve added a video of my illustrated 1¾-hour lecture on The Jewish Rembrandt and the Art of Interpretation.  To stream or download it, please follow the instructions here.


 ◊  I’ve started a new “Puzzles” section of this website to describe some fun puzzles I’m designing and 3D-printing, based upon the science of Geometric Dissections.  To learn more, including how to make your own cardboard version of my puzzles, click here.

For the full details about The Lost Matriarch, including how to purchase your copy, or access to special online features such as some additional Chapter Notes and ten Midrash Supplements, please click on the cover image above, or the “Lost Matriarch” tab at the top of this page, or click here.

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