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The Lost Matriarch

Finding Leah in the Bible and Midrash

 Online Supplements: Additional Midrash


To view or download a PDF file of additional collections of midrashic commentaries about the other characters in Leah’s story (Jacob, Esau, Laban, Rachel, the Handmaiden-Wives, and Jacob’s children), click on the page link for each Supplement:

A.  Midrash on Jacob’s Birthright Episode

B.  Midrash on Jacob’s Blessing Episode

C.  Midrash on Jacob Leaving Home

D.  Midrash on the Robbery of Jacob and
              his Night at Beth-El

E.  Midrash on the Handmaiden-Wives

F.  Midrash on Jacob’s Final Six Years in Haran

G.  Midrash on Laban’s Pursuit of the Family

H.  Midrash on the Reconciliation of Jacob and Esau

I.  Midrash on the Death of Rachel

J.  Midrash on the Leah-Rachel Rivalry Continuing
             in Joseph and His Brothers