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As time permits, I hope to be able to post here some of my other writings, including poems, prayers, essays, and inspirational readings.  Additionally, I’ve recently been presenting some slide-show lectures on various topics, and I hope soon to be able to post streaming and downloadable videos of these.

The first of these videos is ready to view.

Simply click on the image to the right (Rembrandt’s The Alter [“Old”] Rabbi) to view or download my 1¾ hour lecture, THE JEWISH REMBRANDT and the Art of Interpretation.  I hope you’ll like it.

NEW: If you enjoy puzzles, please take a look at my new Puzzles tab in this website to see what I’ve started to do in my latest hobby of designing and 3D-printing some fun and fascinating puzzles based upon the science of Geometric Dissections.

Meanwhile, thanks for taking a look at this website so far.  I hope that you’ll come back soon to see my updates.


And if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about my books or this website, please email me at:






Jerry Rabow